About Us

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Munduk Mountain Estate is the tale of two families, over several years, building their dream home together.

In January 2016 after several months living by the beach in Bali, Monika and Daniel, and their two Bali dogs Alpha and Ziggy embarked on a road trip around Bali. When they stumbled upon Munduk they were blown away by what they had discovered. 

Here was a place that was gorgeous beyond words, offering breathtaking views, quiet, a cool climate on an otherwise hot humid tropical island, and relatively untouched by tourism.

Dan & Monika fell in love with Munduk immediately and knew in an instant that that was the place to build their getaway. A luxurious yet cozy home where family and friends would come together to relax, unwind, eat, drink, and laugh.

After a week searching for suitable land in Munduk they were shown a magical spot owned by Pak Gede Rudi Eriawan and his family. A cup of Bali Kopi (local coffee) and a few bananas later the deal was done.

Dan & Monika then reached out to close friends Brod & Caroline and asked them if they’d be interested in joining them. After a quick flight from Australia to Bali, Brod & Caroline were excited by the opportunity and warmly agreed to build a beautiful mountain retreat on Gede’s land with Dan & Mon. 

(We’re so happy to say that Gede now works at Munduk Mountain Estate and lives across the road with his family, so be sure to say hi when you stay with us!)

Over the next few years several designs for the home were created and in 2020 construction of Munduk Mountain Estate began.

The project took two and a half long tedious years to complete, full of challenges and obstacles to overcome. Finally, in mid-2022 Munduk Mountain Estate was completed.

Dan, Monika, Brod & Caroline finally stayed in their new home for the first time in December 2022. (the photo below was taken on that trip at a local waterfall).

We warmly welcome you to Munduk Mountain Estate, our second home, to create amazing memories of your own. 

We hope you love it as much as we do.

Best Wishes,

Dan, Monika, Brod & Caroline